READING: JOHN 15:1-3 | ISAIAH 1:15-17 | PSALM 51:1-3

In this reading we take a trip to God’s Laundry Mat as we study Cleansing. 

Earth’s laundry mat can clean your clothes, 
but God’s laundry mat can clean your soul! 

JOHN 15:1-3
Jesus tells us that we are already clean,
even though we have already sinned. 

What God is doing here is
sorting souls like we sort clothes.
This is Sanctification,
the act of separating yourself
from Good and Evil. 

ISAIAH 1:15:17
Jesus tells us how to wash our souls.  

Sometimes you must use bleach on colors.
You see, you been washing
everything in hot water,
but God wants you to wash
your soul in cold water. 

This wash cycle is Regeneration;
Something that can only be manifested
by fruits worthy of repentance.
Which means you must offer a
sincere prayer when you repent,
or you won’t be regenerated. 

PSALM 51:1-3
Is a prayer that starts the drying cycle.  

When you let God take over,
the drying process is where God adds
the fabric softer to our lives,
dry us out of our sins,
fold us up so we are presented properly
and then put us away. 

You see,
at the end of the drying process
is where Glorification takes place.
Which is the completion,
the consumption,
the perfection, and
full realization of salvation.
Amen. #GloryToGod 

GTG Leader | 2021

* Readings taken from the New King James Version (NKJV)
* Links comes from and also links to The Bible App by YouVersion.

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