READING: 1 Thessalonians 4:1-5 | John 17:15-19 | 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 | 1 Timothy 4:1-5
BONUS: Hebrews 9:1

In this reading we will discuss Sanctification.

What is Sanctification?
It’s an act of being set apart from the evil one and evil ways.

Be careful here, notice that it’s a two-part meaning. Being set apart of apart from the evil one (which is the devil) and evil people, but it is also being set apart from evil ways. You see, you can be separated from the devil and still have evil ways. We must be cautious in our actions so that we are completely set apart.

I know you remember that old saying:
“Im Sanctified, Saved and
Filled with the Holy Ghost!”
This will be our guide for this lesson.

When I was a young boy, we use to play a game of tag and I call recall that the porch was always glue. You see, in this game of life God should be our glue. Not only something that hold us together but also a refugee to run to.

Therefore, it is important to be set apart. Because like in the game of tag you never knew who was “It”. So, when you set yourself apart from evil ways it doesn’t matter who the devil sends after you, you will be able to recognize the evil and flee.

You also must understand that it was different type of players in the game. Some people use to stay close to the porch so they always were safe, but other players would risk getting caught then dart towards the porch in an attempt to be saved.

You see, must be like the first player and stay as close to God as possible. I would encourage you to stay away from being like the other player, the further away you are from God then dart towards him you will have weak favor.

Now let’s go to the word…

In order, to be Sanctified you must go through Sanctification.

This explains that by us keeping
God’s commandments we start
the process of Sanctification.

JOHN 17:15-19
Jesus leads by example,
as he pleads to Heaven
on our behalf.

Even though we are going to
have trails and tribulations,
if we keep God’s commandments
then we are sanctified by the truth.


Tells us that no matter who
we were before,
we are now saved
by Sanctification.

We can save ourselves
just by separating ourselves
from evil people and evil ways.


1 TIMOTHY 4:1-5
When we are sanctified by the Lord, we will continue to be saved because we are filled with the Holy Ghost. When we set ourselves apart, God will start to save us on a different level. Each time God saves us, he fills us up the Holy Ghost. When you are filled, you are covered by God’s word and your prayers. So, if pray to be filled up we will always be Sanctified.

This text tells us to sanction a day
to celebrate Sanctification.
This is what church or a
worship service should be…
a celebration of our Sanctification.

GTG Leader | 2021

* Readings taken from the New King James Version (NKJV)
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