READING: MATTHEW 21:1-11 | MARK 11:1-11 | LUKE 19:28-44 | JOHN 12:12-19 


In this reading we will study
the Passover of Jesus Christ and
the significance of Palm Sunday. 


In order,
for us to understand Palm Sunday
we must study the Gospel of
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. 

Remember the four Gospels are
four different viewpoints of a prophecy. 

The gospel of Matthew
sets the tone for Palm Sunday. 

Opens with the significance of Olive Oil. 
The reason why most people used it
as an anointing oil is because
of the relation to the Mount of Olives. 

MATTHEW 21:2-3 
Shows us the significance of
the Donkey and the Colt. 

MATTHEW 21:4-5 
Shows us the Prophecy of the Passover. 

Shows us the Disciples covered
the sacred donkey in their own clothes. 

Shows us that a multitude had
covered the road in their own clothes
and others laid tree branches
in the road as Jesus entered. 

MATTHEW 21:9-11 
Shows us the declaration of
Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
by the people and not by Jesus. 

The Gospel of Mark shows us
more details of the prophecy. 

MARK 11:4-6 
Shows us the details of the Disciples
being confronted by the bystanders. 

MARK 11:8 
Shows us the observation of
the “leafy branches” in the road. 

Giving us a different view from Matthew. 

MARK 11:9-10 
Shows details of different chant,
maybe from a different group
with a different view. 

Showing us why it’s important
to study the Gospel. 

The Gospel of Luke
is the authority of the Gospel. 

LUKE 19:29 
Tells us that that the mountain
was named Olivet but
because it was the land of olives,
it got the nickname Mt. Olive. 

LUKE 19:32-34 
Shows us the Disciples were
confronted by the Landowner. 

So, the Disciples were confronted
by the bystanders in Mark and
before they left Luke the Landowner
even tried to stop them. 

Showing us that
God’s word has authority
over any and everything. 

LUKE 19:35 
Shows us this Gospel
knew the name of Jesus. 
Everyone else uses He or Him
because they just knew
he was the One.

LUKE 19:39-40 
Jesus was asked to rebuke his Disciples,
but he wouldn’t even though
He knew many would betray Him. 

LUKE 19:41-44 
Here is where Jesus weeps,
as He declares the gift and the curse
of the Passover. 

Even though Jesus is the One
that died for the people,
it will be the people
that still will be affected years later
because they didn’t know
the time was at hand. 

JOHN 12:13 
Tells us that it was Palm Trees
that they took and
went out to meet Jesus. 

This is significant because
they had to travel to lands
like Jericho to get palm trees
because Bethphage
was a land of olive trees. 

JOHN 12:17-19 
Shows the people lifting Jesus up
but the leaders tearing him down
because of the crown from God. 

So, as we celebrate this Palm Sunday,
let us lay down our fears and our worries
just like the palm leaves,
and let God trample on it
like the donkey carrying Jesus. 

You know why you can’t put an (‘) on Jesus, 
because even He won’t take God’s credit.

GTG Leader | 2022

* Readings taken from the New King James Version (NKJV)
* Links comes from and also links to The Bible App by YouVersion.

GTG does not own any parts of the Bible website or the app. Nor does GTG have any affiliation with the website or app. GTG uses the website’s links and app for educational and spiritual purposes. GTG does own the property of the lessons written by GTG Leader Derrick Lampkin. But, ultimately please understand all this belongs to God and it is for our Glory To God!

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