BONUS: PSALMS 73:23-24

In this reading we will study the dangers of leaving God on hold.

Insert Gospel Song:
[Jesus Is On The Mainline]

If Jesus is on the mainline,
why do we have God on hold?
Some of us have God on call waiting.

ISIAH 40:31
Tells us that God has a call waiting for us.
But we rather tell Him:
“Hold on God, I’ll be right back.”

But, how long do you think
God is going to wait?

This is a slippery slope.

Because if we leave Him on hold too long,
we will start to send Him straight to voicemail.

Is an example of putting God to the side.
“Just, let me finish this first.”
But if it doesn’t have God in it,
the works has no worth.

The more we send God to the voicemail box,
the more we backwards into darkness.

This is shown in Joan disobedience,
he should’ve went to Nineveh
but, he went to Tarshish
back in the 1st Chapter of Jonah.

Some of us,
God is calling us to great lands,
but we are hiding from Him
in the unstable lands.

The storm of the sea;
shows us that we can’t hide from God.
Soon as the ship sailed…
the mighty storm fell.

Causing Jonah to get tossed into the sea,
from the boat that he thought
he could use to flee.

After Jonah was swallowed by the whale,
he remained in the fish for 3 days.

What is this an example of?

God has been calling us,
to do things for the past 3 days.
But we had Him on call waiting the first day.
We sent him to the voicemail the second day.
On the third day, we didn’t answer the phone.
“I will call Him back later.”

Tells us that there are consequences
to leaving God on hold.

When God doesn’t get a hold of us for 3days,
He will isolate us for 3 days.

That means, what ever we wanted to do,
we wont be able to do it for 3 days.
What ever ever we have planned,
wont go according to plans for 3 days.

And after those 3 days of isolation,
now we want to talk,
blowing up God’s line.

We’ve left messages with Jesus,
The Holy Ghost, Mother Mary,
Moses, Paul and even the Angels,
asking: “Where is God?”

When we act like we are too busy for God,
God gets busy in our lives,
showing us how much we need God.

PSALMS 73:23-24
Is the Grace, Mercy and Peace of
have Jesus on the mainline.
So, now matter the task
Big or small, we must tell the world,
I have to answer this call. Amen

GTG Leader | 2022

* Readings taken from the New King James Version (NKJV)
* Links comes from Bible.com and also links to The Bible App by YouVersion.

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