TITLE: SIN CITY (Valley of Death)
Romans 6:23 | Psalm 23:4 | Isaiah 40:10-11 | Job 1:21-22
KEY VERSE: Job 5:11-14

In this reading we will study how a city of sin can turn into a valley of death.

How does God’s people,
do God’s work in a city full of sin?

How do we stay focus while
we are in tunnel vision for God?

These questions are answered
by tap rooting the situation.

The city of Las Vegas is known as Sin City.
But Las Vegas means meadows,
it was meant to represent the vegetation
that grows in a starving desert.

The sins of the people,
have turned this place into Sin City.

The gambling, the prostitution and the greed
has turned this town into a valley of death.

But Las Vegas isn’t the only sin city.

The city of Detroit represents a strait,
but through the corruption
it has become crooked and broken.

The city of Los Angeles represents
the Virgin with Angels,
but it has become a place of lost souls.

Tells us that: “the wages of sin are death”.

Look at our city,
Las Vegas Blvd is a valley of death,
Fremont St is a valley of death,
Boulder Hwy is a valley of death.

This place has so much darkness,
that’s why it’s so many lights.

The strip is filled with gift shops
but the only one that matters is,
“The gift of God is eternal life.”

PSALM 23:4
You see it now?
Once God turns on your eternal light,
the lights on the strip isn’t sufficient.
You may be in the darkness of the valley,
but God is the light that is with you.

ISAIAH 40:10-11
Tells us that the work,
always comes before the reward.
So, we must finish the construction.
Even if we are obligated to work in darkness,
God will provide the lamp that will guide us.

JOB 1:21
Tells us that we must complete
the construction in our lives,
in order to complete
the journey that God has for us.

JOB 1:22
Shows us that we cannot be
mad at God because of our sins.

God gave us a city of meadows
and we turned it into a city of sin.

If we continue the journey,
we have the ability
to turn a crooked city back straight
and help save the many lost souls
that we see today.

JOB 5:11-14
When something goes wrong
on a construction site,
the first thing the workers do
is go to the blueprints.

So, as we continue to build
and mine in our lives,
are we going to do works
according to our own plan
or according to God’s plan?

No matter where you are…
make your city a Blessed City
not a Sin City!

GTG Leader | 2021

* Readings taken from the New King James Version (NKJV)
* Links comes from and also links to The Bible App by YouVersion.

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