Ephesians 6:15 | Psalm 16:10-11 | Matthew 3:2-3 | John 14:1-3
KEY VERSE: Mark 10:42-45

In this reading we will study the power of a God Rush.

Through 1848-1855 American
experienced the great Gold Rush.
Today we must create a God Rush.
Not focusing on gold but rushing to God
so he can save our Souls.

You see,
our lives and our walk with God
is like mining for gold.

What is Faith?
Believing in something before you see it.

This is what God does.
He see the dirt in our lives,
but he also see the gold within us.
Even though we aren’t polished,
God still sees the value in us.

Everything starts with preparation. I know in our chaotic lives; we go into a lot of things unprepared and after a while it start to feel normal. But that’s insane. When God does something, He wont do anything without preparation. He won’t even allow you to do His work without His preparation.

To walk this walk,
we must put on God’s shoes;
Which is the gospel that will
prepare our bodies.

Once we put on God’s shoes,
now he can order our steps in His word.

PSALM 16:10-11
God prepares our minds and our souls.

Now its going to get dark. Why?
Because you must create a tunnel
to create tunnel-vision.

Good times will come when you hear the Dynamite!

Has God blown up something in your life?

When God blows up something in your life,
that means God is ready to start the mining process.

You might be in the dark right now but trust the process.

You see,
God isn’t building a tunnel
in your life to just to hide you,
He is building a tunnel
over your life to protect you.

Now that the charge has been set off,
now God can send in the workers
to start cleaning out the mine,
or in our case our minds.

But we must help in the process.

During this mining process;
we must get away from the
“mine obsession.”

We have this obsession with:
“It’s mine” that’s pride, or
“Where’s mine” that’s jealousy.

This helps the process of
preparing your mind.

You see, when you are a mine worker,
you are an eternal worker.
You don’t have time to
worry about the surface.
Your only job is
to go to into the tunnel and
do what God tells you to do.

An example of this is
when we go into our prayer rooms,
we entering a spiritual tunnel
blocking out the external distractions
so you can talk to God.

You must know your task.
God has giving you a small hammer
to chip away at the small pieces in your life,
so why are you worried about the boulders?

It isn’t your job to remove
the heavy dirt that in your life.

JOHN 14:1-3
It all goes back to the preparation.

You see, once you have done your job,
The foreman which is Jesus comes in
and make sure you did your job right.

It’s two options here:
To continue the process
or go back and reset.

Some of us has had some setbacks;
but that was Jesus telling us to go back,
start over and do it right.

When we do it right, we can continue the process.

This is when the foreman sends in the workers which are the Angels
coming with the Holy Spirit that will be carrying the cart
that carry out the dirt that chipped out of your life.

This is the reason why Faith without works is dead.
Because while you’re working,
God is work, Jesus is work and the Holy Spirit is working.

While you were working on the small pieces,
Jesus was protecting the tunnel and
The Angels was building the railroad tracks,
so the Holy Ghost can remove the dirt out of our life.

You know why it isn’t your job to remove the heavy dirt?
Because now it’s time for panning or shifting.
If it was up to us, we have a bag full of fool’s gold.

You see, Jesus will start shifting things in our lives.
And the Holy Spirit will be the strainer,
dropping the bad out of our lives,
And keeping the good in our lives.

Now that the process is complete,
when you walk out the tunnel with dirt on your face,
the smile on your face because of God’s grace
will create a God Rush race.

MARK 10:42-45
Remember, you are the Nugget!

Your testimony of God’s work is a nugget,
Your evidence of God’s work is a nugget,
Keeping your Faith during the process
is the biggest nugget. Amen.

GTG Leader | 2022

* Readings taken from the New King James Version (NKJV)
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