TITLE: STEWARDSHIP (Trains + Planes)
1 Corinthians 4:1-2 | Galatians 4:2-3 | Proverbs 9:12
KEY VERSE: Luke 16:2

In this reading we will study the importance of Stewardship in our spiritual journey.

In our lives we must strive for stewardship.
Being stewards of God’s love and God’s word.

When I think about stewardship,
I think about trains and planes.

Everybody in the world love trains.
All you have do is just jump on it and go.
The tracks are already built,
and all the conductor has to do is
hit the brake at different stops.

But the problem with trains is
you can get too comfortable.

You see, our sins have created
the track that we are on,
that’s why we are so stuck
on staying on the train.
The track that we are on
is going to lead our train
to two destinations:
a brick wall or cliff.

Brings up the question:
Are you going to stay stuck
on the same track with those trains
or will you fall in love with planes.

The reason why most people fear planes,
is because they fear reaching new heights.
But for this very reason is why I love planes.

A flight attendant is also
known as a steward.
They check your ticket and
usher you to your seat.
But most importantly of all,
they also keep the order of operations.

The scariest thing about a plane
is the turbulence
that you experience at new heights.

It makes you want to jump off the plane,
but the Stewards have told us
that once the doors are closed,
we can’t get off the plane.

But if you can make it pass the turbulence,
you can rest in the clouds.

Reminds us that they are preparations
and different levels to planes:

First, you must be screened.

Then, you must get your boarding pass
to determine your class.

You have First Class and you have Coach;
First Class lets you know
that you are on a plane.
Coach make you feel like
you are still on a train.

There is an ultimate class
which is a Private Jet
that only comes from sanctification.

Being set apart from your evil ways
taking us away from the trains
and ordinary planes.

Being set apart is important in stewardship.
It’s the difference between
a regular airport and a clear port.

You don’t need to be screened
because you are clear.
Man will no longer be able
to see the train smoke of your sins.

You don’t need a ticket because
you can sit wherever you want.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a Private Jet yet.
Because when you are a steward,
You have a special door and a special seat.


As stewards we must be careful
who we give a buddy pass to
when we start our stewardship over planes.

Because a Buddy Pass will not be
sufficient for Salvation.

You see, we can bring them to the airport,
and it won’t cost them anything for the flight.
But, they still must be screened before the flight.


LUKE 16:2
Tells us that it is a lot of responsibility
that comes with stewardship.

We must not confuse
stewardship with ownership.
Mishandling can cause you
to lose your stewardship.

Why are we looked at to have more control?
Because we are the ones
with access to the control room.

God knows our final destination
and He knows how to get us there,
even through all the turbulence
and the crash landings.

God is the pilot of the plane,
and our job is to just steward the plane.

So, will you continue to build tracks
for a runaway train;
or will you take to new heights
and start building planes?

GTG Leader | 2022

* Readings taken from the New King James Version (NKJV)
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