The Entire Book of Titus
BONUS: Mathew 19:28-10

In this reading we will study the glory of Regeneration.

The key thing about the book of Titus is,
it isn’t about the regeneration of an individual
but the regeneration of a church.

The book of Titus is a letter of Salvation
from Paul to a young pastor Titus and his church,
telling them that their good works
will lead to the regeneration of the church.

You see, as important as it is
to have individual regeneration,
it’s more important to have
regeneration within the church,
so they will be on one accordance
within the church.

TITUS 1:1-3
Introduces the writer, Paul; a Bond Servant.

It takes a bond servant of God
to deliver this type of message
to this young church.

Paul opens with greetings of
Grace, Mercy and Peace.


Because in this letter,
it will be some lashing
because the truth hurts,
but the truth always works.

Paul sets the orders of
stewarding over the things
that are lacking and
appointing elders in every city,
as it was giving to him from Jesus.

God is in charge of
increasing your territory.
And God is in charge of
changing your authority.

You see,
for Paul it was increasing his territory
by taking him out of Crete.
At the same time,
changing authority to Titus.

So, always trust God’s plan.

TITUS 1:6-11
Paul gives the guidelines for a bishop.

TITUS 1:12-16
Paul gives the guidelines for stewardship in church.
This is how we will turn our Sin City into a Blessed City.

TITUS 2:1-8
Tells us that it isn’t old vs. young in church,
It’s the old should teach the young how to be a church.

Because in this reading shows us that
the old will be judged the same as young will be.

So, the old must teach with
the same grace, mercy, and peace
that Paul opened with.

TITUS 2:9-10
Tells us that a good servant is a steward of God.
Being a steward in the church and on your job.

You see, your stewardship doesn’t stop
when you leave the church.

TITUS 2:11-15
Paul gives us the guidelines on
keeping the salvation in the church.

Tells us that we must be ready to work.

TITUS 3:2-3
Tells us our job description.

Remember that faith without works is dead.

You see, sometimes it’s not about us being good,
but by doing work we show the good in God.
Something that will take you out of your way,
just might restore someone’s faith.

TITUS 3:4-5
Is the Act of Regeneration.

Because of our acts of faith,
will cause an action regeneration.

TITUS 3:6-8
Is the reward of Regeneration.

Regeneration is a spiritual gift
with residual benefits.

TITUS 3:9-11
Paul tells us the warnings of Regeneration.

Letting in too many toxins
will cause you to lose your upgrade.

TITUS 3:14-15
Describes a Regenerated Spirit.

Right now, our spiritual lives are like a lizard in the middle of a tug a war.
You see, God has his hands on our minds and our hearts, but the enemy keeps grabbing at our tail. So much so, that it has snapped off. But God has a plan of regeneration.

A lizard has the ability to regenerate its tail if loses it, so don’t pay no mind to those holding up old pieces of you like it’s a souvenir.


MATTHEW 19:28-30
Tells us, now that we have a regenerated spirit,
it’s time to come out of the tunnels and shadows.

Our work over there is done,
but our work over here has just begun.

GTG Leader | 2022

* Readings taken from the New King James Version (NKJV)
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