TITLE: PRIDE (April’s Fool) 
READING: PSALM 73:1-6 | PROVERBS 13:10-11 | PROVERBS 16:18-19 | 1 TIMOTHY 3:6 
BONUS: MARK 7:21-22 

In this reading we will study the dangers of Pride.

In our spiritual walk, we must stand on solid ground. 

Pride is a slippery slope.
This is a very dangerous zone.
Yeah it can make you feel on top of the world,
but the downfall from pride is a continues fall. 

What is Pride? 

PSALM 73:1-3 
Shows us personal pride. 

PSALM 73:4-6 
Shows us the pride of others. 

This also shows us that pride
is a slippery slope that
can even slide us into more sin. 

We need to know to take pride in God,
and not in ourselves. 

PROVERBS 13:10-11 
Tells us that we have must have the wisdom of God, 
when we take on the Glory of God. 

PROVERBS 16:18-19 
Tells us the dangers of pride. 

How do we avoid this danger? 

God’s Grace is greater than our pride.
Having grace when we do God’s work,
is how this will work. 


As we go into a new month,
don’t be fooled by your personal pride
or the pride of others. 

1 TIMOTHY 3:6 
Shows us what happens when we have too much pride. 
We start taking the credit from God. 

Spirituality is the act of working on the 
mind, body, and soul. 

Pride corrupts the mind, 
that create thorns in our hearts, 
giving us a greedy spirit. 

Don’t be fooled by your greed,
thinking that greed only applies to money or food.
Greed mixed with pride will turn into a lust for power.’ 

Don’t be fooled by your pride. 

In schools, they are arguing over Pride Week. 
When I was in school, it was Spirit Week. 
And the focus was on school spirit. 

But they have taken the spirit out of school
and replaced it with pride. 

Forget about people’s personal agenda and feelings,
lets look at the fact that school spirit
brings unity and uplifting spirit.
But school pride brings a boastful spirit. 

Do not fear the leadership of those that take pride in power. 
Because these are the ones that are judged first. 

Even if they are stewards of God, 
Because pride can cause you to lose your leadership. 


MARK 7:21-23 
Shows us how dangerous of a slippery slope pride is. 


Because pride is a cousin to slander, envy,
foolishness, and whole family of sin. 

When you take pride in God, 
you give Glory to God! 

GTG Leader | 2022

* Readings taken from the New King James Version (NKJV)
* Links comes from and also links to The Bible App by YouVersion.

GTG does not own any parts of the Bible website or the app. Nor does GTG have any affiliation with the website or app. GTG uses the website’s links and app for educational and spiritual purposes. GTG does own the property of the lessons written by GTG Leader Derrick Lampkin. But, ultimately please understand all this belongs to God and it is for our Glory To God!

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