READING: MATTHEW 7:13 | HEBREWS 13:12 | ISAIAH 62:10 |  

In this reading will study the Gates of God. 

It’s time for GTG to get exclusive. 

How do we get exclusive for God? 
We must be gated to the 
grace, mercy and peace of God. 

Why must we be gated? 
The same reason why Heaven is gated. 

In our last lesson, 
we talked about 
“Protecting the Father” 
in this lesson, we will focus on 
“Protecting the Word.” 

Just like in the movie “The Book of Eli” 
we must walk through this life 
blinded but aware, 
in order to protect the word. 

Don’t be so blinded, 
that we fall in sin, 
but blinded enough so 
we won’t be drawn to sin. 

Talks about the narrow gate. 

We have a choice, 
to go left with everybody else 
in that long line or 
will we go right in the short line. 

This is the self-check-out of life. 
But you can’t have a cart full of junk, 
you are going to need 10 items or less. 

While everyone is filling
their carts up with garbage, 
we only need the
Ten Commandments. 

As we choose the narrow path, 
our check out with God at the gates, 
will be easy and we won’t have to wait. 

HEBREWS 13:12​
Tells us that there is Grace
outside of the gates, 
because there is suffering
outside of the gates. 

Showing us that we don’t
want to get caught 
outside of God’s gates. 

Grace only comes
with graciousness. 
So, if we have grace, 
we can change our gates. 

ISIAH 62:10
Tells us to go through God’s gates, 
but most of us are scared
to enter His gates. 

Mainly, because of our self-doubt. 
But if we pass through His gates 
we will make a way for our people. 

God will show us the way 
so we can be the light 
on someone else’s journey. 

Now let’s journey to the Holy City 
that came down from Heaven 
during the Revelation:

Tells us it was 12 Gates with 12 Angels 
showing us that God’s gates 
will be guarded. 

It is (3) Gates in East, 
(3) Gates in the West, 
(3) Gates in the North 
and (3) Gates in the South 
showing us there is no way 
to sneak in the Kingdom. 

The (3) Gates represents our 
Mind, Body + Soul. 

Showing us that we don’t want to 
leave a piece on the other side 
of His gates. 

You see, 
we can’t enter with just 
our Minds and Bodies, 
and leave our Souls. 
And we can’t enter with  
just our souls 
and leave our Minds + Bodies. 

Tells us the gates 
are made from Pearls, 
showing us that any Gate 
just won’t do. 

Because the gates in God’s City 
aren’t there to protect the temple 
but to protect the Heavens. 

It also shows us that the Temple 
is God and His People. 
So, we cannot be a weak gate. 

Tells us that God’s Gates never close. 

But for us, it’s time to close the Gates. 

The Law of the Gates are  
they should be open in the day 
and closed at night. 

In Heaven there is no darkness, 
so, we must close the gates 
on our darkness here on earth 
while we still have a Midnight Hour. 

So as we go into a new week, 
let us clean our (3) Gates 
and get ready for the 
Pearl Gates. Amen. 

GTG Leader | 2022

* Readings taken from the New King James Version (NKJV)
* Links comes from and also links to The Bible App by YouVersion.

GTG does not own any parts of the Bible website or the app. Nor does GTG have any affiliation with the website or app. GTG uses the website’s links and app for educational and spiritual purposes. GTG does own the property of the lessons written by GTG Leader Derrick Lampkin. But, ultimately please understand all this belongs to God and it is for our Glory To God!

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