READING: JAMES 4:1-8 | JOHN 12:26

SONG: “Im glad to be in the service!”

We must stay in service for God,
if a machine is out of order,
it is worthless.
There is no need to make a deposit.

The more we are out of service,
the more our faith will
start to serve us instead of God.

The problem here is that
when your faith is based on self,
your faith will let you down
because it is lacking God.

JAMES 4:1-2
Shows us that our service,
is connected to our faith.
When we are out of service,
our faith starts to breakdown.

There are things we have been doing,
that aren’t working because
we are out of service.

If we stay out of service,
our soul will start to wear a sign:
Out of Order.

JAMES 4:3-4
Tells us that we must have order,
and things must be done in order.

JAMES 4:5-6
Shows us the order is:
Grace, Mercy, Peace.

We can’t have peace without grace,
therefore we must be gracious to God,
so we are merciful,
and we can show peace,
when we need peace.

It’s like fighting over the salt,
instead of asking:
“Can you pass the salt.”

A different kind of spirit,
yields different results.

JAMES 4:7-8
Peace is powerful
because the peace-keeper
is the peace holder.

Everytime we resist the devil
we boost our spiriual levels.

JOHN 12:26
Follow Jesus to keep God’s order.

He served God and not the people,
but his service to God,
is what saved the people.

ROMANS 12:1-3
* Servant’s Guide *
V1: Shows how to be in service for God.
V2: Shows how to stay in service for God.
V3: Shows we don’t have to serve ourself,
because when we serve God,
he already has the best services
waiting for us.

So, as we go into a new week,
let us not focus on the self-service,
but focus on the service of God.

Trusting God
is the only way to
Serve God. Amen.

GTG Leader | 2023

* Readings taken from the New King James Version (NKJV)
* Links comes from Bible.com and also links to The Bible App by YouVersion.

GTG does not own any parts of the Bible website or the app. Nor does GTG have any affiliation with the website or app. GTG uses the website’s links and app for educational and spiritual purposes. GTG does own the property of the lessons written by GTG Leader Derrick Lampkin. But, ultimately please understand all this belongs to God and it is for our Glory To God!

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