TITLE: TALKING TO GOD (Frequency + Vibrations)
READING: 1 PETER 2:1 | 1 CORINTHIANS 14:20 | PSALM 131:2 | MATTHEW 18:2 
BONUS: MATTHEW 6:9-13 (Lord’s Prayer) 

In this reading we will study the frequency and vibrations we have when we are talking to God. 

Because we have a
direct connection with God, 
we must watch how we talk to God. 

A lot of us are praying to God, 
and our prayers aren’t being answered 
because we are talking mad to God. 

This reminds me of the 90s 
when we had the mad rapper, 
who would get on everybody album 
and complain about:
not being on songs, 
not getting royalties like other artists, 
and not being valued as a rapper. 

When we are talking to God, 
we can’t be the mad Christian 
asking God where our blessings are, 
or even asking God why  
blessings haven’t happened to us. 

You see, complaints are restraints. 
If the rapper would’ve been  
rapping instead of complaining, 
he would’ve felt valid. 

For us, faith without work is dead. 
And prayers aren’t answered 
from a bad head. 

1 PETER 2:1​
Tells us to lay aside malice 
and all evil speaking. 

Malice is a mindset
of thinking evil, 
and once that sets in, 
we start speaking evil. 

What frequency are you on? 

Are you on a good frequency,
or a bad frequency?
This is going to determine
your connection with God. 

Praying with an agenda
is a low frequency.
Praying with thanksgiving
is a high frequency. 

Even when you are
going through something bad, 
you cannot come to God mad. 

Tells us that in our malice,
we must be like babies
when coming to God. 

You see,
when we come to God
humble like a baby, 
now God can give us
the maturity we need. 

How do we obtain this maturity? 
It is through the vibrations in our spirit. 

When we come to God
with a high frequency 
God will give us higher vibrations. 

PSALM 131:2​
Show us how we can
lift our own vibrations. 

When we turn down our human vibes, 
we lift our spiritual vibes. 

Tells us that our 
mind, body and soul are connected 
with our grace, mercy and peace 
we have with God. 

MATTHEW 6:9-13​
The Lord’s Prayer is God teaching us 
how to pray so we don’t go astray. 

(9-10) Teaches us how to pray with Grace 
Acknowledging the Father for who He is. 
(11-12) Teaches us how to pray with Mercy 
Giving thanks for the day and asking for forgiveness. 
(13) Teaches us how to pray with Peace 
Knowing God has all power will put your soul to ease. 

GTG Leader | 2022

* Readings taken from the New King James Version (NKJV)
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