READING: LUKE 11:34 | LUKE 11:39 | TITUS 1:15 | PROVERBS 19:1 
BONUS: 1 TIMOTHY 6:9-10 

In this reading we’ll study the dangers of Greed. 

Greed in the dictionary
is a selfish desire. 
But in the Bible,
Greed is much worst. 

Greed is a part of the 7 Deadly Sins
which includes: 
Pride, Greed, Wrath, Envy,
Lust, Gluttony + Sloth. 

Sin is like chips,
you can’t just have one. 
Because sin is so sticky,
that it sticks together. 
Like ketchup on chips. 

LUKE 11:34​
Warns us to be careful on what we set our eye on. 

The door of the Soul is the eyes. 
And that it why… 
We were always told
to look people in their eyes. 

But some people,
won’t let you see their eyes. 
Because they want their
true intentions to be hidden. 

Some of us,
our own greed is hidden from us. 
So, don’t get blinded by Greed. 

LUKE 11:39​
Tells us that Greed is the mold in an unclean cup. 

You see, 
Greed is a deadly sin,
because it can kill you. 

TITUS 1:15​
Shows us when Greed takes over. 

Our Lust for consumption
has consumed us. 
Like our favorite pair of shoes
eating us alive. 

Because of the Envy
we just had to have them. 
But the Pride won’t
let us take them off. 
The Gluttony will
make us go broke. 
The Wrath will
make us go off  if someone
touch or step on them. 
Now the Sloth kicks in,
making us so lazy, 
we won’t go anywhere
without our damn shoes. 

I say: “damn shoes” 
because of the shoes
we are damned. 

Tells us, that we have went from just 
a little Greed in our cup, 
to being so Greedy 
we can’t lift the cup. 

Too much of anything can kill you:

Water, Food, and Wine are all good for you, 
but too much of them will kill you. 

Money is the worst thing 
to have a greedy spirit over. 

Even if we had just a little Greed 
for the American Dream, 
it can lead us to being on
an episode of American Greed. 

It’s just like the tale of  
The Red Dragon warning us 
that our Greed will imprison us all. 

1 TIMOTHY 6:9-10
Shows us that Greed = Self Destruction. 

* 70% of all lottery winners go broke. 
* The average millionaire files bankruptcy at least 3 times. 
* Last year, millionaires owed the IRS $2.4 Billion in back taxes. 

Greedy = Creepy 
We all have sin in us, 
but once we let it creep out, 
now we are creepy creatures. 

Some millionaires are so greedy, 
because what they had to do 
to get those millions 
was something creepy. 

But what about everyday people? 
We must be cautious too. 

So we don’t become like the flower 
on Little Shop of Horrors 
always asking God to feed us, 
even after He has already 
filled our cups. 

If we stay greedy, 
we will poison the cup 
that we drink from. 

So, as we go into a new week, 
let us NOT walk in Greed. 

The only thirst we should have 
is for a spiritual hydration 
from God for our needs. 
Amen. #GloryToGod 

GTG Leader | 2022

* Readings taken from the New King James Version (NKJV)
* Links comes from and also links to The Bible App by YouVersion.

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