READING: EXODUS 7:15-18 | EXODUS 8:1-3 | EXODUS 8:16 | EXODUS 8:20-21 | 
EXODUS 9:1-3 | EXODUS 9:8-9 | EXODUS 9:27-28 | EXODUS 10:12-15 | EXODUS 10:21 | EXODUS 11:4-5 

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In this reading we’ll study the
Ten Plagues of Egypt. 

The Ten Commandments
came after God sent the
Ten Plagues to Egypt. 

Plagues aren’t sent to hurt God’s people, 
Plagues are sent for those who seek 
to harm God’s people. 
But we must be careful 
that we don’t
Plague ourselves. 

Before the Exodus, 
midwives were
ordered to kill 
all male Hebrew newborns. 

Killing the men,
to kill the race, 
just like we see today. 
But if we continue
to run with God 
we will have our
victory lap. 

EXODUS 2:2-3
Shows us
Moses was born
but hidden for 3 months. 
Later the Pharaoh’s daughter 
will take him in as a
Prince of Egypt. 

EXODUS 2:11-12
Moses kills an Egyptian 
after he saw him
beating a Hebrew, 
which caused him
to flee to Midian. 

EXODUS 3:7-8 
Shows us God’s grace, His order, 
and His promise for His people. 

EXODUS 4:2-4 
Shows us that God equipped and 
ensured his protection for his mission. 

Moses was doubtful 
because he couldn’t speak well but
God sent
his brother Aaron 
as his spokesman. 

Moses was 80 years old and 
Aaron was 83 years old, 
show us that God
can use us 
whenever he wants to, 
even if we aren’t ready. 

EXODUS 5:1-2 
Moses + Aaron go and warn 
the Pharaoh for the first time. 
But the Pharaoh defiles and taunts God. 

EXODUS 6:3-4 
Shows us that Moses mission  
all start out as God delivering 
on His promise to His people. 

EXODUS 7:10-13 
Shows us when
Moses + Aaron 
go to the Pharaoh and 
Aaron throws down
his rod and it
turned into a serpent. 

The Pharaoh then called  
the magicians of Egypt, 
who performed an act 
that mocked God. 
But Aaron’s serpent 
ate all the others. 

You see, 
in our last lesson
we studied 
the 7 deadly sins,
this shows that
the Pharaoh was
consumed by all 7 sins, 
which brought upon
the 10 Plagues. 


#1: EXODUS 7:15-18
God orders the
Water To Turn To Blood 
by the hands of Moses
and His rod. 

#2: EXODUS 8:1-3
God orders the
Plague of Frogs. 
But the
Egyptian magicians 
performed another
act of deception. 

#3: EXODUS 8:16
God orders the
Plague of Lice. 
But this time
the magicians tricks
didn’t work and 
they repented.  

#4: EXODUS 8:20-21 
God orders the
Plague of Flies. 
But in the land of Goshen 
not one fly dwelled. 

Showing us the
1st example of
God’s sanctification. 

#5: EXODUS 9:1-3
God orders the
Plague of Cattle 
killing all cattle in Egypt. 
But God’s people
were protected. 

#6: EXODUS 9:8-9
God orders the
Plague of Boils. 
Before the magicians  
was mocking God 
now they can’t stand 
because of God. 

 #7: EXODUS 9:23
God orders the
Plague of Hail. 
Hail so big,
it crushed every herb 
and broke branches
on every tree. 
But God’s people
and their land 
was untouched. 

Later the Pharaoh
repents for the first time,
but his greed
imprisons him. 

#8: EXODUS 10:12-15
God orders the
Plague of Locus 
who ate up all
the fruits and veggies. 
Showing us that
because you eat right
doesn’t matter 
if you ain’t living right. 

#9: EXODUS 10:21
God orders the
Plague of Darkness. 
For 3 days Egypt
was in a blackout. 
Not only seeing
just darkness, 
but feeling the darkness. 
But… God’s people 
lights never went out.

Pharaoh then complies 
but he has conditions
and Moses said: 
“Not a hoof left behind” 
and the Pharaoh 
went back
into his pride.  

#10: EXODUS 11:4-5
God orders the
Plague of 
Death of 1st Born.
From the Pharaoh
to the lowest man
locked up. 

Although God
has protected 
His people through
all the Plagues, 
this last one will require 
preparation for the sanctification. 

After the order
was complete, 
The Pharaoh released God’s people. 
But because he was so full of his sin, 
they lead to his destruction 
in the Red Sea. 

So, as we go into a new week
let us not Plague ourselves 
like the foolish Pharaoh,
but rest knowing that 
God will always protect us. 
Amen. #GloryToGod 

GTG Leader | 2022

* Readings taken from the New King James Version (NKJV)
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