READING: PSALM 30:5 | PSALM 68:3 | PSALM 33:1-3 

In this reading we will study…
the power of Rejoice. 

For everything that we are going through, 
we must rejoice to God for everything 
he has brought us through. 

PSALM 30:5
Shows us when we anger God, we get plagues, 
but we also get commandments, 
and a promise land. 

Trust in God.
Joy comes in the morning,
and our joy is connected
to our Rejoice. 

Why do we rejoice? 
PSALM 68:3
When you are doing right, you feel right. 
When you are doing right, everything goes right. 

Everything might not be good 
or turn out our way, 
but all things work for good so, 
God’s way is the right way. 

The more we Rejoice 
the more God gives us pure joy, 
because temporary gratification 
does not equal joy. 

How do we Rejoice? 
PSALM 33:1-3
Verse #1:
God loves when the righteous Rejoice. 
Verse #2:
Shows us how to make a joyful sound. 
Verse #3:
Shows us that God wants us 
to use our creativity when we Rejoice, 
but most importantly, 
God wants us to take it seriously. 

Do it right or don’t do it at all. 

Man loves perfection, 
but God loves excellence. 
Being perfect is not working 
(God can’t work you), 
but being skillful prevails
so God can excel us. 

It’s simple but critical. 

Verse #4:
The more we life God up, 
the more He fills us up 
with His grace, mercy and peace. 

Keep it Holy, 
pure rejoices brings pure joy. 

Verse #5:
Even in adversity Rejoice, 
be humble and not troubled 
because it is in God’s hands. 

Verse #6:
Don’t worry. God provides. 

So, as we go into a new week 
don’t use your voice 
for words of hopelessness, 
but use your voice to Rejoice 
for God’s fullness. Amen 

GTG Leader | 2022

* Readings taken from the New King James Version (NKJV)
* Links comes from and also links to The Bible App by YouVersion.

GTG does not own any parts of the Bible website or the app. Nor does GTG have any affiliation with the website or app. GTG uses the website’s links and app for educational and spiritual purposes. GTG does own the property of the lessons written by GTG Leader Derrick Lampkin. But, ultimately please understand all this belongs to God and it is for our Glory To God!

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