In this reading we will study the curse of Vanity.

The definition of Vain has (2) meanings:
1. Having an excessively high opinion
of one’s appearance, abilities or worth.
2. Useless or in void.

God doesn’t want vanity in our praise.

Let’s break down the definition:

* Lean not to our own understanding or opinion.
* Our appearance can change daily,
we can’t stand on our looks.
(looks can be deceiving)
* We can lose our abilities at any giving time.
(so be grateful, not spiteful)
* When it comes to our worth:
Is it worth losing our soul for it?

Without God, everything we have and
everything we do will be in vain.

It’s (2) things we must avoid:
1. From being Vain
2. To not stepping into Vanity.

We can have vain moments,
but we can not take on
a personality or lifestyle of vanity.

* It’s made for only one person.
Even if there’s a long vanity,
some people still will
want it all to themselves.

* It’s a useless device.
A special device, for a special person,
for a special performance,
which is all useless. Why?

* Most people crash right there
in front of their beloved vanity.

We must use the mirror
just as a tool to see ourselves,
not as portal to our our vanity.

When we step into vanity,
we start to lose clarity.

God wants glory not vanity,
because it is by His grace,
and not our works,
they won’t cut it.

Our body isn’t perfection,
because we can alter it.
(And we have seen some people
get plastic surgery and end up
looking worse than the way
God made them.)

But only God
can make our soul pure
under His direction.

Even your suffering is in vain.
It’s useless to us,
but it is useful for God’s glory.

Once we give it over to God,
a glorious testimony
will come about.

Your worth isn’t going to come
in the BitCoin you collect,
but from the GodCoin,
that God deposits into you
soul account.

If the banks chose to close,
that rich man become a poor man.

If they stop making make-up
your favorite celebrity won’t be pretty.
Because most have a glam team,
but they don’t have a praise team.

So, if we stay in vanity,
we will make God’s grace in vain,
we will make God’s mercy in vain,
we will make God’s peace in vain.

Are we so stuck in our vanity,
that we don’t need God’s
grace, mercy and peace?

The definition of Vanity
is excessive pride.

And we know that
pride comes before the fall.

So, when we praise,
let us not do it in vain.

Not being caught in the vanity of:
* Worrying how we look
* Focused on what we can do
* Blinded with how much we got.

Let us lean on God,
by tapping into the vein,
of the blood transfusion
over our lives from God.
Amen #VeinOverVain

GTG Leader | 2022

* Readings taken from the New King James Version (NKJV)
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