In this reading, we will study
Christmas and meaning for the season.

The definition describes Christmas
as the observation of the birth of Jesus Christ.
This has been celebrated since 1870
with traditions and practices.

History shows that it was started
with celebrations during the winter solstice.
During this time, the daytime is shorter,
and nighttime is longer.

In Scandinavia, they celebrated Yule,
that lasted 12 day and
this is where the inspiration for
12 days of Christmas comes from.

In Germany, they honored the pagan god Oden,
who would fly over his people,
and according to if they were good or bad,
he would decide rather they would prosper or parish.

In Rome, they honored Saturn, the god of agriculture.

The upper-class Romans observe Juvenilia
a feast honoring Mithra,
an infant god born from a rock.

Then, Christmas was born,
representing the multiple holidays,
that celebrated multiple gods.

The reason why they write:
Christmas as X-Mas
because X=2.

Pope Julius chose Dec. 25th
to align Christmas with the
pagan Saturnalia Festival,
hoping to draw people
to the new holiday.

Christmas was first known as
the Feast of Nativity.
So, no it is not His official birthday,
but Jesus is the reason for the season.

But a pagan Christmas,
was described as Mardi Gras,
drunken fools in church.

In the 17th Century,
when Oliver Cromwell took over England,
he cancelled Christmas,
to rid England of immorality.

Even the pilgrims outlawed Christmas,
but when Charles II took over,
he restored the holiday.

But let’s be real…
Dec. 25th should be
celebrated as “Zawadi”
which is Swahili for Gift.

We should give gifts,
that will help a person or family,
into the new year;
And not using “Christ”
as a marking strategy.

Because Santa is a Fanta.
He is sweet and make you feel fuzzy,
but you will still feel thirsty.

Santa Claus comes from
the legend of St. Nick,
so why we don’t celebrate St. Nick?

First, many don’t know who the real St. Nick is.
Saint Nichols was a monk,
who traveled the world as patron saint.
He was one of the first philanthropist.

But his actions were spirit driven,
not profit-driven.
He was famous for
saving 3 sisters from slavery
by paying the dowry.

This was the inspiration for Santa,
who was illustrated in the 1800
to whitewash the pagan holiday.
Cartoonist Thomas Nast,
drew images of Santa in the newspaper,
to draw people to Christmas,
not the story of Jesus,
not even the true stories of St. Nick.

Instead, Santa embodied
the pagan traditions of Christmas.

A horse drawn sleigh only need 2 horses,
some cowboys cans do it with 1 horse,
but Santa needs 8 reindeers,
and this is the deliverer of gifts?

The greatest gift:
is the gift of Salvation,
and only God can give us that.

Says a child will be born, not drawn.
Our savior must come from God’s hands,
Because we can’t save ourselves.

JEREMIAH 10:1-10
Shows us that Christmas
is a celebration of idols.
If it was about Jesus,
we would celebrate:

The Lord tells us not follow the gentiles,
because they ways are futile (useless).

Talks about having a Christmas Tree

Shows us that this isn’t what God created trees for.

You can’t cut down a tree,
and put it in your house for decoration,
but you can cut it down
and plant it you home,
which will give you life.
(In oxygen and in food.)

We don’t need a star on the tree,
because the ultimate star
sits in the sky.

Talks about Christmas decorations,
you can’t honor something that cannot tarnish
with something that will tarnish.

We must keep the Commandments,
using idols to celebrate God,
only angers God.

Therefore, most of us,
get caught up in the:
Leaning towards: ECC. 10:19
Instead of standing on ECC. 3:1

compromise in the spirit,
is a cancellation of sanctification.

Shows us that Christmas starts in the heart,
but the celebration happens in the spirit.

So, as we celebrate birth of
Jesus Christ of Nazareth,
let us not focus on the Christmas lights,
but focus on God’s Light. Amen
#GloryToGod #HappyImmanuel

GTG Leader | 2022

* Readings taken from the New King James Version (NKJV)
* Links comes from and also links to The Bible App by YouVersion.

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